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Santander CX Golden Rules

Havas Studios Spain

Graphic and editorial design for the "Customer Experience Golden Rules" program of Banco Santander. Based on 5 Pillars, 13 Golden rules, 37 Golden points

Salumeria e Focacceria di Ruvida

Pausa & Crescente

Pausa & Crescente are two Italian restaurants in Lisbon that aim to fill a gap in the Portuguese market, by bringing an authentic piece of Italy to the table. Pausa - la Salumeria di Ruvida, offers a real Italian Aperitivo experience through the highest quality and selected cheeses, cold cuts and wines. Crescente - la Focacceria di Ruvida, brings focaccia - a traditional Italian flatbread - to Portugal, with a custom recipe created by a 3rd generation Italian baker. We were challenged to create a brand identity to convey quality and authenticity to the target audience. We designed a fun and elegant integrated visual system composed by two logos - one for each restaurant - and multiple graphic elements, that allow a bold and witty communication with the customer.

Music and literature from Syria


Tasjeelat brings the work of Qisetna - to preserve the cultural and oral heritage of Syria in the UK - to the podcasting world. Tasjeelat literally means “record/recording” in Arabic: it refers to the audio recordings gathered by Qisetna’s team into a podcast, composed by a series of episodes featuring artists, musicians and writers from Syrian heritage in all its diversity and richness.

Every hairdo should feel like a holiday



Cuento de Navidad de la Cadena SER (2021)

During the last two years, we have had the opportunity to work with La SER on their Christmas Tale campaign. Last year, the selected story was Pinocho -Pinocchio- and we were challenged to create the campaign concept and visuals. Based on Esther García Llovet's script adaptation, we proposed the concept “A Journey to identity”, understanding Pinocho’s story as the transformation process we experiment during our childhood. The change from child to teenager and from teenager to adult. We absolutely loved the adaptation.

El podcastinar se va a acabar

SER Podcast

Cadena SER is the most listened to radio station in Spain with around 4.5 million listeners. They have been making podcasts of their programmes for years to reach a wider audience but without placing much emphasis on them, simply so that their listeners could listen to them on tape. Seeing the opportunity to reach a new, younger target audience with very different tastes through podcasts, they have decided to go for podcasts and create a new line of service that is younger, more dynamic and innovative.